Carriers that use load boards should have web sites

Transportation is competitive and finding a load from a truck load board can be frustrating as well as profitable. Load boards are such a good way to market yourself and meet people that ship freight. I have always worked on the broker side of things so but i do know that sometimes trying to figure out what the last carrier i talked to when i just received 10 calls in 5 minutes can be tricky.

Website can be a great tool to separate your trucking company from the rest. From the brokerage side when a carrier had a website and domain specific email like it was very nice. It showed me 2 things. Carrier is savvy and they will be easy to find if i need to find a phone number.

Almost all brokers will search for your company online when they are planning to pay you thousands of dollars to haul a load. They will do this to check if anything is written about your company. If you have a website then they will see this and it will add up to one more reason to do business with you. If there is a tie in the rate and one carrier has a website and one doesn’t then guess who usually wins the tie.

Websites are super easy to get and all you really need is a very simple one to do the trick. If you are planning on just getting an internet site up then has an option for 1.00 a month last time I checked. it included website builder, domain and email.

If you search around you will other companies doing the same thing. I choose GoDaddy because I like their Superbowl ads.

Don’t get caught up with the options to create many pages. Most websites are only one page no a days and unless you like updating them you should be able to set everything up on one page.

Step one – go to
Step two – sign up for the lowest cost plan that includes a domain, website and email
step three – follow the instructions the give you to use the website builder.

Generally there is a minimum of info you should try and put online. Company Name, Contact info and a mission statement. If you want to get fancy then you can always add customer reviews and pictures of your trucks. We recommend putting information that you don’t have to change so that way you don’t have to update it.

Set up your email. If you like you can even use your gmail account to check it so you don’t have to notify anyone or quit using email the way you are used to.

A website is like anything else you can always spend more on it. Keep it to the basics and it will be super easy to set up and maintain.

Need help with technology try searching on craigslist for computer training or tutoring. A community college usually has classes on website building if you want to learn more.

Setting up a website is about as easy as ordering something online. Having the ability to show the world at anytime that your company is ready for business is smart and practical for your trucking business.