GPS Satellite Truck Tracking Fleet Management

Would you like to know where your trucks are? Would you like to have online tools that can help you dispatch, communicate with drivers and provide better service for your customers? Do you want help to figure all this out?


As a truckload carrier or freight broker it is our job to manage freight and logistics for our customers. The power behind GPS truck tracking for your fleet or being able to view and give customers the ability to view where their freight is. This can be a very powerful tool that will make everyone involved very happy.
GPS fleet tracking will make your company one very happy place this will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and your business grow as more customers learn that your fleet is tracked and you actually know where their freight is!

Trucks and fuel are expensive and if you can train drivers to be more careful and save you money.

  1. The customer is going to happy when they can see there freight moving and find out exactly where it is.
  2. The dispatcher will be happy that he can look on a map and see where all the trucks are and
  3. The drivers will be happy they don’t have to make a check call.
  4. The company operations, maintenance and safety will be happy at all the detailed info from the truck and will be able to train drivers to drive safely and have less idle time.
Reduce Fuel Consumption

With real-time idle alerts and historical reports let you know when an engine running in a non-productive manner. Approximately 1 gallon of gas is consumed for every hour of idle. Fleet owners save thousands of dollars annually by reducing and eliminating idle times.

Real Time Vehicle Visibility

Is improved by up to the second visual location information on all of your vehicles is valuable to your dispatchers and managers, giving them the ability to make quick decisions.

Time & Location Stamp

Locates are time, date and location stamped, giving you historical data verification of information such as start and stop times.

Automatic Time Clock

Allows you to know exactly when a vehicle starts its day, job arrival and departure, and how long it was there. This information can be used as a mobile time clock, to produce weekly time sheets and verify payroll and customer billable time.

Better Dispatching

When you send a vehicle in the area instead of sending someone from across town. Your customers will appreciate the faster response time and your dispatchers will have more time to take care of business instead of trying to figure out what the mobile workforce is doing.

Improved Driver Safety

With real-time and historical speeding reports your mobile employees are less likely to speed and consequently, less likely to be involved in an accident.

Better Customer Service

Telling your customer exactly when a driver is going to be there sounds much more professional than guessing the ETA or asking the customer to “hold on” while you check the status. They will appreciate your service even more when you give them instant and accurate information. Customers like to you to know where your drivers are and appreciate when you know too.