IFTA Mileage by State

Trulos has developed a free trucker mileage calculator so you can find out about the miles traveled in each state.  This is a very good tool for figuring how many miles you traveled during your trip in a particular state.  If you use a Trulos Fuel Card you can see where you filled up how much you spent.

This totally Free IFTA Mileage Calculator can easily display directions and miles traveled by state.

Step one – Put in the origin and destination.  You can use just the city state or go ahead and put in the full address.

Step 2 – Hit submit and view the state by state milage results.  The map will also display the route on a map, give driving directions and show total miles.  Thats it.  Easy fast results when you need them.

Owner Operators can use this free mileage calculator to find mileage by state for their IFTA calculations.  We made it easy to use and hope that it will help a lot of people.

Check out the Trulos Free IFTA State Mileage Calculator today!