Save Free Load Board To iPhone or Android Home Screen

Save Free Load Board To iPhone or Android Home Screen

Add the Trulos Load Board To Your Smart Phone.

Lots of people have been asking when our app for the load board will be ready.  We are working on on.  Did you know that Trulos has two mobile pages that work awesome on a smart phone.  Basically they are apps that you don’t have to download.  The free truckload board works super fast and looks great on the phone.

Zip and City Truckload Search – This is an easy to use page that allows you to put in your zip or city, state combo and see the loads.

Mobile Load Board – This page uses your smart phone GPS to find loads near you.

The guys at did a great job explaining the iPhone one. View the article with a video here


  1. Open up Safari and load up the Mobile Load Board
  2. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see an icon depicting an arrow that looks like it’s trying to get away from a square.
  3. If you managed to tap that button successfully, you’ll have a few options. The one you want to tap is “Add to Home Screen”. So do that.
  4. You’ll be asked to choose a name for the homescreen icon. So, you know, pick a good one and save it. When you’re done it’ll show up on your homescreen and you’ll never have to type in that stupid URL ever again

Android – The android one is pretty easy.  I found these instructions on the Mozilla Support Page.  to see the article click – Here

Open Firefox for Android and go to your favorite web page. Press the Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser) , then tap on Page. Tap Add to Home Screen.Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen.

Hope this works for you and you use the Free Load Board all the time.