Trulos was created to help truckers find freight easily.  The origins of Trulos go back to 2003 when the founder, Winfield Rinkle, worked for a large trucking company.  During this process he learned that most of the freight that was actually moving by small independent carriers, owner operators or leased on drivers.  One of the goals for Trulos was to develop a place on the internet where these smaller truck lines could have access to tools that would give them the same advantages as some of the biggest carriers.  The first step was developing the load board. The increasing use of the load board has led to other creating other products such as fuel discounts, an amazing low cost dispatch system, access to financing tools and there are more in the works very soon.

What does the Trulos mean. The name Trulos was brainstormed by merging the word truck and the the latin work for fulfillment, elos.  The name had a good ring to it and it stuck.

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