America Badly Needs More Truckers

According to a new report from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the industry requires 50,000 more drivers by the end of this year.

That is a lot of new truckers. Time to get in a truck and drive. Seriously if we really need 50,000 more truckers then existing trucks are going to pull in a seriously lot of money. Check out the Load Board with rates to watch this happen.

But lets keep in in mind that this is the ATA we are talking about and they really represent only the top 15% of the industry. So really what they are saying is that they need truckers to work for them to make lower then average amounts so that they can make a profit servicing the contracts that they signed years ago to huge corporations. If they had 50,000 new dirvers they could pay them less and charge more.

Maybe the Trucking industry should stop messing around with drivers and ELD mandates if they really want to help get more trucks on the road.

Cut the cost to operate a truck and stop micromanaging the amount of time a driver can drive. Maybe ELD s are good for bad drivers that routinely get violations . Use it as a punishment kinda like a convicted DUI driver that needs breathalyzer to start their car. Why infuriate the whole industry. We know buy now that 85% of truckers are parts of a smaller fleet of 5-10 trucks or less or own their own truck and drive independently.

Well if you read articles written by large trucking companies most say the ELD is going to increase market share because owner ops are going to say no to this BS and retire.

ATA is a lobbyist that panders to huge trucking fleets. They sure do need 50,000 drivers because people only work for a large fleet long enough to realize that they don’t want to work for a large fleet.