How Much Will The ELD Mandate Cost Local Governments

ELD mandate is coming.  We recently had an article come out the the state of Indiana is seeing a delay.  I am guessing that someone said what the heck is this and we have to do what?  Take officers out of the field to give them training to read a new type of ELD result.  How many ELD companies are there?

How is an officer going to spot a fake ELD program?  They can’t spot a fake paper one.  You think they are going to be able to spot a fake emailed or one on a phone?

How much does training cost for enforcement officers to stop what they are doing and sit in a class and learn how to enforce this.  What if the ELD software or phone is glitchy.  What if they can’t get a reading and then a truck gets in an accident.  Does enforcement office get sued for not being able to stop an illegal driver?

The whole thing seems pretty weird.  Why would the government be mandating an unchecked software system to be implemented nationwide and why would more states not see this as a huge cost to them.

The ELD companies are self certifying themselves to say that their products work as the should. That seems pretty sweet.  Now the code enforcement division is totally at the mercy of companies that have been selling these devices for profit.  Telling themselves and others they work right. Seriously.  My computer has issues all the time.  My phone doesn’t work well in hot weather.  Do we really think that self certified companies are the right choice for a nationwide roll out of something we are saying is safer.  Do the drivers get charged HOS time for all the time it takes an officer to wait for an email of the log to come through.

ELD mandate is regulation that doesn’t need to happen. And shouldn’t.

*** BTW.  Not saying there is anything wrong with ELD.  I have seen some of the ELD’s and they are pretty cool way to do your logs.  But if Im driving my own truck I should have the right to not have a tracking device in my vehicle if I don’t want one.