Indiana attorney general asks for ELD delay


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I saw this great story in my inbox and liked the positive spin direction this is going.

In a letter filed with FMCSA’s Chief Counsel Randi Hutchison Wednesday, Hill Jr. said the deadline “would place undue burdens on drivers and operators.”

Some really great points that are made are the ELD companies can self certify these things work.  Seriously. What does self certify even mean?

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Chief among Hill’s concerns is the agency’s registry of ELD providers and units, which allows manufacturers to self-certify their ELDs — with little vetting by the FMCSA itself  — as compliant with the rule’s specifications. Devices listed in the registry, despite being certified by manufacturers, may “not ultimately be compliant or conform to the required” specifications of the agency’s rule, Hill argues.

And even more that no one really knows how to use them from the Law Enforcement side either. How many ELD companies are there.  Are the people going to be trained in every type of ELD with instructions on how to get the results?  Can’t someone just make a fake one that puts out the same result and looks the same a self certified one?  I think they said they could email the results anyway.  How reliable is that. If some one wants to fake the paper ones they can fake the ELD ones.

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He also contends that the agency hasn’t given manufacturers or roadside enforcers the tools they need to test and deploy the data transfer methods required by the ELD rule.

So strange that the ATA supports this and no owner operators does.  ATA is basically paid for by the biggest trucking companies and they like this because they all see more profit if this thing passes.

It is my belief they probably are also pretty well funded by some of the ELD Companies also .  It is not only to get the competition out of the way by making more regulations for smaller companies but also they will be able to use this as an excuse to raise the cost of trucking to the American People.

Bottom line.  People should not be forced to put an electronic monitoring device in there truck if they don’t want to.  They have some great benefits and some people really like them.  Some people don’t .  Why get rid of paper books because some lobbyist group says they are the way to go.  If you like them use them if not stay with paper.

ELD mandate makes no sense.  Someone needs to follow the money and see who is getting paid.

People need to not be scared of truckers.  They generally don’t cause the accidents.

80 percent of car-truck crashes caused by car drivers, ATA report says

Check out this article originally posted on about US road spending 200 million to buy trucks.  The article actually names ELD as a reason for rates to increase.  Click Here

We expect higher demand for truckload capacity to continue at least through December, with the movement of holiday-related e-commerce freight and the onset of the federal electronic logging device mandate,” said Mark Montague, a DAT industry analyst. “Demand may recede in February, which is normally a slack period, but we expect rates to remain somewhat higher than in previous years.”

These guys all know that ELD Mandate will raise rates and increase profitability for large trucking companies.

I am not sure how to do it but somehow we need more state governments to write these letters.  I can imagine this was probably started by someone in the enforcement department that looked at this mess and was smart enough to say there is no way we are going to be able to train our officers on how to implement this mandate in the next 14 days.  How much does it cost state budgets to take an officer out of the field to train to be able to correctly and accurately use and read the results from these ELD programs.