Tesla Semi Could Disrupt Trucking Industry

Could is probably not the right work.  Will is more like it after watching a few videos about the subject. Tesla is going to unveil its new Semi Truck this month.  Elon Musk claims it would pull a diesel truck uphill if there was going to be a tug a war between the two.  Also claims it is super nimble and now changing gears.  Check this video where Elon is on TED Talks.

Originally story on Futurism.com

“Very little is known about truck itself, but it will reportedly have a range of 321-483 kilometers (200-300 miles). In his note, Jonas speculates the truck will cost $100,000, as much as 70% cheaper to operate, and be for sale by 2020. He also suspects the company will announce a partnership with major trucking companies to use the first wave of electric semis.”

If this is true and this electric semi comes out it really could disrupt the trucking industry.  Just image what else it will disrupt when it really takes off.

Disrupt doesn’t have to be negative either.  Think of the jobs in just building the infrastructure of electric charging stations and the maintenance facilities.

It will certainly keep the cost of oil down for all of us also.   People better be prepared for all of this.  Fuel card companies are going to have to switch to buying electricity instead of gas.  Who needs to Factor anymore when you can power up for 70% less then the cost of diesel.

Are we going to be racing electric vehicles soon?  I am really not ready to comprehend all of this.