Truckers Are in No Hurry to Have Their Hours Tracked

Originally posted on Wall Street Journal – Link to Article Here

By Bob Tita

Some really great points of view on the e log HOS rules

From the Article – “Since 2003, truckers have been limited to 11 hours of driving during a 14-hour on-duty stretch. Waiting at a loading dock or getting stuck in traffic counts against that time. That tempts truckers to say in their logs that deliveries happened faster than they did. Driving-log violations are the largest share of citations that police issue during truck inspections, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says.”

… My opinion on this is that regulations make trucking more expensive.  When trucking becomes more expensive it makes less sense for small companies and owner operators to own their own trucks. When we lose small trucking companies and owner operators the cost to ship goes up.  as quoted in this article this is what larger trucking companies are hoping for.  Seems like passing regulations to rid the market of competition is the goal for the larger trucking companies.

From WSJ Article –

Paul Truman, president of Truline Corp., a larger trucking company in Las Vegas, has seen a 12% drop in weekly miles traveled since most of the company’s 220 trucks were converted to electronic logs. He says he hopes the reduction will be offset by higher shipping rates if there is less off-log driving and some owner-operators leave the industry.

“If you reduce the capacity and demand is the same, then pricing should go up and hopefully it makes the trucking industry more profitable,” he said.

If there are a million trucks on the road in the US and each one needs t pay 40 per month.  That is a 480 million dollar cost to America so that some non proven regulations are implemented.  That is also a 480 million dollar business that came from no where.

Seems like another way government and big business team up to quietly force more small companies out of business so that they can raise rates and exploit the American public.

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