Free Load Board with Rates

Our free load board filtered to only show freight rates. Find a truck load rate fast.

It is totally free to use the Trulos load board with Rates, Quickly find what shippers are paying trucks to haul freight. Designed to enhance your freight negotiation position. Not only can you discover truckload and partial load opportunities in a matter of seconds, but you can also compare rates instantly, ensuring that you make the best decisions for your logistics needs. Whether you are a carrier seeking to maximize your load capacity or a shipper looking for competitive transportation solutions, our free load board is tailored to meet your demands. We are creating the future of online trucking tools and making them free and super easy to utilize. We hope you enjoy the free load board.

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How to Use the Free Load Board with Rates

Step 1: Select a State

  1. Visit the free load board.
  2. Look for the section or dropdown menu labeled "State" or "Select a State".
  3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the state from which you wish to find loads. This filters the available loads to the specific state you are interested in.

Step 2: Choose Your Equipment

  1. After selecting a state, look for the section or dropdown menu labeled "Equipment Type" or similar.
  2. A list of available equipment types (such as flatbed, reefer, dry van, etc.) are displayed after the state is selected.
  3. Select the equipment type you are using. This ensures that the search results only include loads that are suitable for your vehicle or transport method.

Step 3: View the Loads

  1. Once you have selected your state and equipment type, the load board will display available loads.
  2. Browse through the list of loads. They are typically sorted by the origin city to make it easier to find loads that are convenient for you to pick up.
  3. Pay attention to the details provided with each load, such as the destination, weight, and rate. The rate is particularly important as it indicates how much you will be paid for transporting the load.

Additional Tips:

  • Utilize any additional filters provided by the load board to narrow down your search further, such as by destination city, load size, or rate.
  • You can also check the average rates for similar loads in the same area to ensure you are getting a fair deal.
  • Before committing to a load, ensure all details and rates are confirmed directly with the broker or shipper.
  • Check for any reviews or ratings of brokers or shippers. A quick internet search of the broker or shipper can sometimes tell you a lot and save some time.
  • Click on the link to google maps for a quick mileage check and divide the rate by the miles to see the per mile rate.

Remember to regularly refresh the load board as new loads are posted throughout the day. Happy hauling!