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There are thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of available truckload and partial freight updated live by shippers everyday. Thousands of truckload carriers and shippers use this amazing free load board everyday. Includes fuel efficent routing

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Podcasts for Truckers

I just started listening to a lot of Podcasts related to the trucking industry.  I hadn’t really listened any podcasts until about 3 months ago and found a great one called S-Town and some TED Talks.  I figured there should be some good ones for trucking and did a search and started listening. Here are […]

UBER Freight to Sponsor Concert at GATS

Should be a good show and I would like to see what UBER Freight is up to.  I think this may be the first time I have seen a Freight Broker sponsored a truck show event.  I have been listening to some pod casts and it seems like Uber Freight is getting good reviews from […]

Stopping or Slowing the ELD Mandate

Basically the repeal or slow implementation is in a bill that will probably be taken out when finished. And that basically that it was put in the bill to look good for voters but will be taken out at the end to appease the lobbyist from the ATA demands. Kinda par for the course.

Best NMFC Code for Machinery

This is probably the link I use most often in shipping equipment or machinery using LTL carriers.  This page is so well explained how to ship and classify NMFC code related to shipping it should be bookmarked by every freight broker out there.  

Why is Trucking Going to be Amazing

Three things that will make trucking an excting industry. Technology – New tech is getting released everyday that will help a lot Small business Growth – Back bone of the economy and why we are such an economic powerhouse in the world. Automated The opportunities for smaller companies to compete on the same field and […]

Protect Yourself and Your Load

Protect yourself and your load with free credit checks 24/7 and have peace of mind knowing your receivables are financed by WEX Bank, an FDIC Insured financial partner. With rates starting as low as 1%, we can tailor a program to meet your needs. Plus, you’ll receive: Full Advance on your invoices Free same-day funding with FleetDocs […]

What Do Truck Drivers Make

Most companies pay OTR(over the road) drivers a per mile rate. This can be anywhere 28-41 cents depending on the skill level of the driver. That is for long haul drivers. For local and shorter haul the driver is usually paid per hour. Usually 15-20 dollars.

If Retail is Dead Then Is Trucking Dead. Will we all just work for Amazon

The buzz around retail is that it is dead. All the big stores are having issues apparently and everyone is going online to Amazon for purchasing. Walmart vs Amazon is a fierce battle for the lowest.

Got ELDs? Get Ready for Higher Rates

Like it or not, ELDs are coming. The good news? Rates are going to go up. Here’s why.

Do the 3 OClock-Hustle

Get your 3 o’clock hustle on! This is an excellent time of the year to score some really high-paying loads, and to be the one who saves the day for your customer. I am getting excited, because it’s been two years since we’ve seen such strong demand for trucks, and that demand is incredibly important […]

ELD Truck Mandate Information
ELD mandate is coming up quick. If Electronic Logging Device(ELD) mandate doesn’t get stopped by OOIDA then we will all have ELDs in the truck. Many people are selling great products. The FMCSA basically states that every long haul truck driver has to have one of these things. Unless...more info

ELD Mandate Checklist - Link to FMCSA info on Electronic Logging Devices

Truck Factoring
Truck Factoring can be an amazing resource to generate cash flow for your business. If you have never used a factoring company we think you should take a look at Fleet One factoring. They have really really low rates and sometimes can get users as low as 1%. We like FleetOne Factoring because they are super nice and they buy advertising on the site which is really great and helps us make things like this IFTA mileage Calculator.

Fleet One Trucking Invoice Factoring - Link to the Fleet One factoring page

Fuel Cards
Fleet Fuel cards like the Trulos Fuel card can do a few things. First they can save a trucker money at the ump. Especially if you use some of the smaller stops that Fleet One has negotiated rates with. Even at the large fuel stops you will usually save money on the cash vs the card price. - Find out more about the Trulos Fuel Fuel card ... Fuel Card Info

Did you know you could get free money for fuel when you sign up. Quailified Card holders get 2500.00 in credit to buy fuel with - Link to the Fuel Card Program