Trulos Available in Truckstops

Trulos Free Load Board Map Search is available at some truck stops.

When you are at a truck stop check to see if Trulos Free Load board is available.  A lot of the independent run Truck Stops are adding computers with Internet for drivers to use.  Drivers can search for loads on Trulos and find freight from a huge posting of available freight for free.

The freight forecasting tool is a great way to check out where the freight is densest.  More freight in a certain spot can be an indicator of more revenue per mile.  Check it out and then use the Free Load Board to find freight.

New Mobile Load Board uses your phone to find the freight within 25 miles of you.  On a smart phone or tablet and some computers you don’t even need to enter in your location.  The mobile freight finder can figure it out and show you the freight.

Thanks to all the truck stops that add Trulos Free Load board to their browsers favorites.