What Is The Truck Freight Forcast

Truckload Freight Forecast 


The Truck Freight Forecast tool helps drivers find out where the heaviest freight density is.  The denser the freight the more trucks are needed and potentially higher rates per mile.  In addition to helping trucks increase revenue per mile the freight forecaster is a cool way to see where the freight hot spots are around the country.

How it works is that we took our free load board live data and displayed a weather map type application so in real time live environment.  You are able to filter results by two main aspects.  The freight pick up date as today, tomorrow or over the next week.   Then we set up whether it will be a Dry Van, Reefer Truck or a Flat Bed.

Once you find the dense area you can look for loads from that area or loads going to that area.  It is really great to check the truckload Freight Forecast daily so you can see the available freight move about the country.  You may not have known that for a few weeks in the summer GA pays up to $5.00 per mile for potatoes.  A lot of the truckload freight in the country is seasonal.  Check out the freight forecast tool and then check the free load board to get the info.  This is a great combination of tools to make trucking easier,