What is Trulos and How Does Trulos Help Trucking

What is Trulos and How Does Trulos Help Trucking

Trulos is evolving into more than just a free load board. Trulos is a place where trucking companies can find information and products to help make their business easier to manage, run and ultimately become more profitable.

The trucking industry is a 300 billion dollar industry that is basically dominated by small business. “the 300 billion is after you take the FedEx and UPS and private fleets like Walmart owned trucks out of the picture. It is 8% of our GPD and is dominated by a huge 85% majority by small fleets with under 5 trucks.” says Winfield Rinkle founder of Trulos.com.

This means that the industry is fragmented and because of this products are not developed and standards are not created because the ability to reach so many different users is impossible. For example if you develop a software product for the transportation industry it is virtually impossible to implement a sales force to sell to these small trucking companies. The products are developed for large fleets and generally do not fit with the smaller fleet modal. Trulos is specifically geared to helping the smaller fleets in this vast majority of 85%. “Trulos is going to keep your truck loaded” Trulos is also going to give the trucking company some amazing tools for free. some of the free tools available

Mileage Tool – This is unbelievable free tool because the state by state routing is a huge help for truckers that need a quick answer to the IFTA report. They can run a route and see how many miles in each state they ran so they can fill out the tax report easily.

Freight Forecasting – Want an easy way to see where the money is in trucking. Pull this tool up and track the hotspots for today, tomorrow or next week by Flatbed, Reefer or Van Freight. This is updated live and is really amazing to see it.

Fuel Efficient Routing – We have incorporated our load board to include elevation based routing to see the best way to get from origin to destination. Enables the driver to look at a lane and say wow that route is downhill all the way or i need to get some more money for this one it is all uphill.

Free Load Board – This is the original product to keep drivers making money. We have a lot of traction from brokers and shippers posting loads in the system and have hundreds of thousands of transactions flowing through the Trulos load board daily.

Fuel Card Program – We have discounts on fuel for truckers. We have a branded card program and users are able to use our cards to receive at the pump savings or rebates.

Factoring from Fleet One – This is a great program for our users to increase cash flow and be introduced to a wonderful company that will take care of them. We have built in a get cash now button for Fleet One users to pick a shipment and get paid now for the shipment.

Why do we do it. Back in 2003 we that truckers were footing the bill for everything. Specifically in the load board technology. The drivers were paying fees to access loads that brokers were posting for free. The load board technology is really simple so we built our own. Simple idea to make it easy to post and easy to search.  Don’t make people sign up or login to view it and we could just build the biggest and best truck load board in the industry. Trulos gained a solid following of drivers looking for freight and is now used by thousands of people everyday. Our goal is still the same, we just want to be the best load board out there and give it all away for free.

How does Trulos Make revenue to support itself. Advertising revenue and small fees from products we represent. Our revenue is not huge but we also are such a small company we don’t really have much overhead. Like the saying goes “If you build it they will come” That is what is happening everyday and we appreciate our users very much. Come feel the love, visit Trulos.com today.