What shippers are looking for

Shippers are looking for lower pricing and great service. Shipments are personal business. The contact you will be talking to, selling to, negotiating with will have a personal connection to the freight. The person you are working with will be responsible for the shipment and of course they are putting trust in their broker that this shipment will arrive on time and in tact.

Some examples of this personal connection may be:

Own the freight – Many small shippers may actually have a person stake in the freight delivering on time. Many companies I have worked with in the past have been smaller companies. In one example a company was making solar panels. The freight was valued at 250,000 . The owner needed the freight to deliver ASAP to the customer because he was expecting a payment as soon as he could deliver the freight.

Job depends on the freight delivering – The shipping manager will be contacting you the freight broker to deliver some freight. If the freight is not delivered on time your contact, the shipping manager, will be in the hot seat as to why the freight did not deliver on time. If you do a good job your contact may even get a promotion. Bottom line is you want to make this person a superstar by giving him the peace of mind not to have to worry about if your trucker is going to deliver.

Shippers want also want to save time. One of the biggest benefits of a freight broker to a shipper is that they are able to save shippers time which equals money. For example a customer may be a smaller company and the shipping manager also has to oversee production and drive a fork lift. This employee does not have the time to find the best price and most qualified carrier. This is where a broker can step in a provide immediate value to an organization.

Freight brokers are at the very core transportation consultants who are able to work with carriers and shippers to find the best carrier for the best price. This doesn’t always mean the least expensive carrier but could mean the fastest or most dependable. Freight Brokers will establish relationships with many carriers and learn their strengths and weaknesses. These carrier relationships becomes the truckload broker product and the truckload broker is to prospect for shippers where there is a comfortable fit.

Truckload Carriers are a Freight Brokers most valuable product