Best Load Board for Freight Brokers to Post Loads

Ok.  Maybe this is a little biased but we really think Trulos is the best place for a freight broker to post freight on.  We do have a few good reasons.

1) We have a huge user base that is able to access our freight – Since our integration with Smart Truck Routing we have expanded our eyeballs to over 50,000 users a day.  That is probably one of the highest count of anyone.

2) Trulos is totally free to use for both truckers to search for freight and freight brokers to post loads.

3) Fastest searches with no login needed – We know how to search for freight and we routinely test our products so that even on a mobile phone you can find freight in under 30 seconds.

4) Because we believe that truckers are the center of transportation and the rest of the logistic world revolves around them. Shippers, brokers, manufacturers, huge trucking companies.  Everyone has nothing if the driver isn’t there.  So we make products for them that are supported by the rest of the universe rotating around the trucker.

5) Post Freight to Trulos and you are supporting a great service that helps the industry.

I think that is a pretty good top 5 reasons.  We can come up with some more but that might just be a little to much and might make you guys gag a little. Thanks for visting   We appreciate our visitors and sponsors very very very very much.