Direct Shippers are Posting on Trulos

Direct shippers are posting loads to the Trulos Load Board.  We have received calls form shippers that have been posting on the load board and asking if that is allowed.  “For sure!” I  say but I did tell them that most of the freight is managed by brokers and that a lot of Truckers may not know how to even work with a shipper.  I had posted a brief post about carriers working direct with shippers

Here is that post to the article on shippers and truckers working directly with each other. – Click Here

Basically the issue is the the industry is so used to working directly with brokers that even a lot of factoring companies are not used to financing shipments form direct shippers.  My advise to the shippers wanting to work directly with carriers is use the load board to find carriers in your area that you may be able to set up a long term relationship with.

Many times posting loads on the truckload board you will find  great carrier in your area or that has drop offs in your area.  Post the freight at a rate that will get some attention and don’t try and go super low. When a carrier calls generally they will want to know the details of the load and the rate.  The freight is ready and the loading times.

Then have a rate confirmation for the driver that shows the origin and destination of the shipment. Then create a BOL.

The Trulos Dispatch System is a great way to easily set up carriers and manage who is one what load.  Basically just use it like you are the one customer and you can load in a ll your destination and carriers you use.  You can also set up brokers as carriers and manage your freight.  IT will keep all of your costs in the system and you can then use it as a way to manage the payment to the drivers and brokers as well.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to go direct shipper to carrier for your needs.  Just be honest and upfront .  A good carrier will want this relationship to work out as much as you do.