Find A Truckload Rate In Seconds

Find truckload and partial truckload rates on us the Load Board with Rates.

Here is how to find truckload Rates in seconds :

  1. Go to the Free Load Board with RatesClick Here
  2. Click on the state
  3. click on the equipment you would like to see
  4. View the shipments as see realtime rates.

Thanks it.  It literally takes 30 seconds to find great freight rates.

One example of use the load board with rates is:  Recently a freight broker was posting a truckload from Hot Springs AR to Irving TX.  They thought that 600 was a good rate for this freight lane.  Then they went to the free load board with rates . Found similar freight paying 900.  He went back and changed his price to 950.00

The free load board with rates is basically an auction for space available.  No log in and no need to pay anything.  The Free Load Board with Rates is helping raise the cost of freight.