How to use a load board

We get a lot of questions from people just getting started or researching becoming an owner operator.  So we thought we would try and break this down a little bit on how to use and what to expect when using the Trulos Free Load Board or really any freight load board.


  1.  Find a shipment using
  2. Call the shipper or freight broker when you find a load.  You can click on the company for more details.
  3. Negotiate the rate.
  4. Broker or shipper will send you a carrier agreement .
  5. Fill out the agreement and send it back with and requested documents.  These may include w-9, copy of insurance .
  6. The shipper or broker will send you a rate confirmation with pick details .

That is really the basic over view.  Getting to the rate is about the only time you will talk to the shipper unless there is an issue.  Getting to the rate can be a little bit of a pain because we are n a spot quote market on load boards.  Generally people are looking to pay as little as possible or need to ship something that needs to be there.  On the flip side the truckload carrier is looking to get paid as much as possible.  Every load might not be the right one for you.

Somethings to watch for are is the load posted by multiple brokers.  This either means that the shipper is looking to get as much coverage on the load and seeing who can get it covered for the least amount or it is a super hot load that may be paying top dollar and they need a lot of trucks.

Use the freight forecast tool to see where the freight is. The more demand for trucks usually the higher rates.