If Retail is Dead Then Is Trucking Dead. Will we all just work for Amazon

The buzz around retail is that it is dead.  All the big stores are having issues apparently and everyone is going online to Amazon for purchasing.  Walmart vs Amazon is a fierce battle for the lowest.  I am not sure that retail is dead though.  from the articles I have been reading it looks like it is changing and might be dead for some of the larger anchor stores but not for the rest of the stores.  I think retail may need to be retooled and stores like JC Penny and Belk may have issues in some of their markets but in some areas they will be thriving.

Boutique shopping is in and being fast to market is the key to success.  If Kim K wears something the next week it is in a store like forever 21 or Zara but not in JC Penny.  People are used to instant fashion that only lasts a few months.  Disposable culture.  Stores like JC Penny Macy’s and Belk are just a few of the stores that are working hard to embrace this culture and meet the demand.  Doesn’t mean that for example in Arkansas where Belk is a staple it probably won’t go anywhere. But say in Dallas it may not be as popular and some of the other stores at the malls.

One example of stores that I think will make it is Fossil.  This company makes some the best watches and is working to adapt to how people are using watches.  Technology is king and they are the only company that I know that actually puts technology into beautiful watches.  The stores are being designed to promote buyers to customize the watch.  They have pop up sales and host events to buy watches.  You can even hire them to show up at an event and they will put together custom watches for you on the spot. They are able to make the buying experience something that users would like to visit and use rather then go online to buy their product.  They sell a lot on Amazon also I bet but making cutting edge boutique stores that people would rather visit is what retail and malls are changing to.

Can’t please everyone.  I have a friend who never wants to go shopping again.  She would rather get things in the mail, Try them and send them back if they don’t fit.  Me on the other hand would rather go in a store to buy something then wait for the shipping. Price would have to be way less for me to shop online.

Now if retail is dead or a least getting smaller then we all need to look out for the Amazon who will be making a big impact in the trucking world.

Here is an Article about Amazon buying thousands of trucks.


If Amazon is taking over retail then they will take over the trucking of products to their distribution centers.  Would be great accept where does everyone seem to think the best place to cut costs is? Yep Transportation.  They are definitely going to to go carrier direct, bypass brokers and hire owner operators. They have to to keep costs down.  They are adapt right now at using contract workers with cargo vans for last mile delivery.  This tells me that they are getting ready to leverage the amazing network of smaller carriers to deliver the long haul freight.  So if we all have to work for Amazon maybe it will be a good thing.  basic rule of making transportation is to not haul cheap freight.  So stay strong truckers and we can make this Amazon deal work if we have to.

Here is a video on how to find high paying freight using the freight forecast tool on www.trulos.com