Load Board With Rates

The best load board just got a little more awesome.  Yep We really did it.  We separated all the truckloads with rates form the truckloads without rates and made it super easy to find freight with rates. Check out the Load Board With Rates

Brokers posting freight on load boards should post the rates.  Simple idea, right.  Let the people looking for freight see the rate you are offering and call you if they like it.  Why does everyone not want to show the rate.  Do they think that by making the carrier call you to find the rate they can sweet talk them into it?

Finding freight on load boards is a negotiation but this time consuming process of how much are you paying and I will do it for this is a complete waste of everyones’s time.  No matter how fun we think it is.  Think about how much faster things would get done if the everyone was upfront and there was a starting point for this conversation.

Just because there is a low rate posted on the load board doesn’t mean that it will be sold for that freight rate.  It is the starting point for the conversation.  It allows the truck driver to see where the shippers head is.  If you see freight posted for 500 and you think the lane is worth 3000 it probably isn’t the right fit for that truck driver and freight poster.  But if the rate posted is $1,200 and the lane is worth $2,000 then there is a little room for some negotiation and both the owner operator and the freight broker know where the starting point is.

Load boards with rates are kinda like an auction because the rates will raise as the freight sits.  The more drivers that pass on the truckload the more money the freight broker or shipper will offer on the load.

Load boards with rates save time and make this job easier.  Everyone should post freight rates.  One of our goals by offering a load board with rates is to try and get more people to post the freight with rates.  Lets face it given the option of searching through 1,000’s of loads just to have to call and get the truckload rate vs looking and seeing what is offered and making a call.  More people are going to just search the loads with rates.  It is so refreshing to see truckloads posted with rates.

Are you ready?  Try out the Load Board with Rates (and its all free with no sign up needed!)