Load Board With Rates

How to find loads with rates on the Trulos.com Free Load Board. Finding loads with rtes is really pretty easy when using the Trulos load board.  First step is to figure out which load search you would like to use.

Zip Code City Load Search – This one allows you to put in your city state or sip code to find truckloads near you.


The State Load Board to find loads by selecting the state and seeing filtering results by equipment type.

Second is to search for freight and get some results.

last step is to click on the heading that is labeled Rate at the top of the page.  You will have to click on the header twice.  The first time sorts all the truckloads from lowest to highest so the truckloads with no rates are posted first  The second click on the load board heading brings up the loads with the highest paying rates.

Thats it.  Super easy to see.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone put the rate in.  We do try to convince people to do it.  Generally it seems like more and more companies are adding in the rates.  I bet as freight gets more competitive more brokers will add the rates and show that they really want to do business with trucks.