Stopping or Slowing the ELD Mandate

Some good articles about stopping or slowing the ELD mandate.

This Article by says maybe but probably not.  Basically the repeal or slow implementation is in a bill that will probably be taken out when finished.  And that basically that it was put in the bill to look good for voters but will be taken out at the end to appease the lobbyist from the ATA demands.  Kinda par for the course.

Sounds like the ATA and ELD manufactures are a really pushing hard to get this back on track.  All I hear is how safe this will make the roads.  And that this is for the safety of the public.  Not so sure about that.  Current system seems to work pretty well. Sounds like some sort of a tax on the driver to make a few people wealthy.  See who on the ATA is also investing in the ELD companies.  Do you think companies will just pay this out of their own pocket.  No way, this is getting deducted straight from most drivers paychecks.  Think about how many trucks and if they all have to have one of these BS trackers on them and pay 100 per month that is some crazy money being put into peoples pockets. Billions are up for grabs here for no real reason.  I like the quotes from ELD makers that people actually are seeing benefits from their products.  Like “I know we are forcing you to buy this but it does do a few things that you guys didn’t ask for either.”

What will happen if they do pass this this repeal of the ELD mandate?  ELD companies will need to stick around for a little longer and develop products based on something that will benefit a driver rather then a big business.  Maybe their funding will dry up and they will start going out of business.

How is a cop checking logs going to know if the app is a real one or a fake one.  Can’t someone just make an app that allows you to “correct” the GPS data to your own needs. Seems pretty likely that these things will be hacked.  If this is a billion dollar payday to the ELD makers then it is a million dollar payday to the people who will sell the hack.

Hope this repeal of the ELD happens but it probably won’t.

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