Truck Parking Apps Are Pretty Sweet

Truck parking apps are starting to pop up online.  Overdrive Magazine just announces one, has one, has one.

They are all pretty sweet and something I didn’t realize that the Overdrive one talks about is integrating into the HOS so once you put your destination in and how add many hours you have left to drive it will show you parking that you can and can not get to.

The overdrive one can be downloaded for iPhones on the Apple App Store, or for Android devices on Google Play.

One of the best things that most of the the truck parking apps do is bring a sense of community to the trucking industry.  the truck parking apps integrate feed back from the drivers owner operators using what is termed crowdsourcing to create an experience where drivers are able to add their own secret(I guess they shouldn’t spill the beans though if they have really sweet one). seems to be the biggest one but not sure.  They have enough users that they can accurately tell when a parking lot is full so you don’t have to pull off to get disappointed when non are available.

It is really great to see that these apps are actually benefiting truckers and they are all available for download free.  Trulos is a big believer in free and has been providing a free load board since 2003.

Here are some links to some to try out


Trucker Path

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