Truckers Should Take BitCoin As Payment

The new Cyber currency market is exploding and trucks should think about taking payments in Bit Coin (BTH) or some of the other formats.

Super easy way to get paid and more and more people have the currency. takes it.  Point Of sale systems will be at gas stations soon and the universal cyber currency will soon be everywhere.

One of the easiest ways to get started into the world of BitCoins and other Cyber Currencies is to set up an account at .  Super easy set up and once you are set up you can accept bitcoins.  You can buy them as well at ATMs.

BitCoin is really like an alt currency where some of the other types of Alt Coins like Etherium(ETH) and Ripple (XRP) are basically transaction engines for fast payments.  These can be built into applications and transacted at fractions of percent.  The benefit is that as this gets more and more wide spread and it will for sure carriers should get ready to educate them selves on how to accept these alt coin currencies.

In the future bank fees are almost gone.  One way to look at it is to pretend you want to send 10,000 from the US to Mexico.  It is almost easier to take the cash on a plane then to fill out all the forms and exchange money at different rates.  With these new ways of settling transactions.  Millions of dollars can be converted to digital currency and sent to the country and then converted into the currency of choosing or if they choose they can keep it in digital form and use it to buy goods and services.  As this applies to trucking.  Your customers could instantly give you money for your services without having to pay any transaction fees or banking fees.  Just send you a link.

How big is the Alt Coin Market.  Right now 10-6-17 BitCoin is trading at about a billion dollars a day.  Thats about as many people are buying a selling Google stock in a day.  Pretty impressive but still in the infancy stage.

it is def not for everyone but as we start moving to electric vehicles and computers driving we might as well look at overhauling the way we pay and accept money for shipments also.