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Welcome to our California-based Truckload Board, the premier destination for carriers and shippers navigating the unique landscape of the Golden State's freight industry. Tailored specifically to meet the needs of California's diverse transportation sector, our platform offers an unparalleled resource for finding and posting truckloads within the state. Whether you're looking to move goods through the bustling streets of Los Angeles, the fertile valleys of the Central Coast, or the scenic routes of the Sierra Nevada, our user-friendly board connects you with real-time opportunities to optimize your logistics and transportation strategies. Dive into a community of local experts, leverage California-specific insights, and enhance your freight operations with our dedicated truckload board—where state-specific knowledge meets logistical excellence.

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Quick Stats
EquipmentTruckloadsFull TruckloadsPartial / LTL Loads
Power Only110
Step Deck990
53ft Dry Van20200


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