Category: Other Trucking Topics

  • Stopping or Slowing the ELD Mandate

    Basically the repeal or slow implementation is in a bill that will probably be taken out when finished. And that basically that it was put in the bill to look good for voters but will be taken out at the end to appease the lobbyist from the ATA demands. Kinda par for the course.

  • Got ELDs? Get Ready for Higher Rates

    Like it or not, ELDs are coming. The good news? Rates are going to go up. Here’s why.

  • Post Freight Here

    We just added the ability for everyone to post freight online. After a log time we finally opened our user page up to posting freight data. We will be making this better everyday. It was a bit of a delay as we migrated our truck load database. This is a simple easy to use and […]

  • Dispatch Software – Update To Edit User Page

    We made updates to the User Info Page.  This is the page where you are able to customize many options in the software. 1) Added ability to add links to populate load boards 2) Added integration to Post Everywhere Load Posting 3) Added Customer Status Updates – This is a new feature where you are able […]