Free Load Board for Truckers

Free Load Board

The largest free load board. Find your truck load on Trulos! Since 2003 we have been serving up a free load board to the trucking industry.  It only takes a couple of clicks, then call the shipper direct.  No login / no sign up!

State Truckload Search
Truckload Map Search

Map Search

Find Truckload Freight super fast using our newest truckload board search tool.  Easily find freight on a map.  Finding partial truckload freight has never been easier. Filter results easily by truckload equipment and dates available.

Truckload Map Search
Zip Code Search

Mobile Truckload Search

Try our Zip Code / City search.  This truckload search works great on the phone and is super fast.  It is as easy as putting in the address, selecting the equipment and hitting search.  No login to remember to use to the free truckload board.

Zip Code Search

Trucking factoring

Factoring - Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing is a cash flow solution providing short-term support to sustain and grow your business. Factoring companies purchase your accounts receivable, providing cash available for use the same day.


Fuel savings

Fuel Savings

Purchase your fuel the smart way. Save money every time you fuel.  Our card is powered by WEX/Fleet One and packed with great truck management tools and fuel discounts. LIMITED TIME OFFER 10 ¢ Rebate per gallon.

Truckload Weather Map

Truck Load Forecast

Forecast your revenue with the truckload weather map.  We mapped our free load board so you can see where the freight it.  Where the freight is, the money is.  Take a look freight forecast, then use the free load board and check out what is available.  Freight forecast changes in real time so check it to see seasonal changes.

Dispatch Software

Dispatch Software

Super easy to use Dispatch System that allows you to manage a brokerage, company drivers and owner operators from the same system. Quickly dispatch drivers, invoice customers, pay drivers and carriers, create paperwork, manage customers,  upload documents and manage sales agents.


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Driver Detention Issue Still Rankles

Driver Detention Issue Still Rankles

By Mark Montague, Industry Rate Analyst, DAT Solutions

It’s been a few years since I sat in the dispatch chair or listened to a driver tell stories about delivery delays. Seeing the results and reading the comments on the recent DAT poll about driver detention felt like déjà vu. Nothing has changed!

How to Survive a Buck-A-Mile Backhauls

How to Survive a Buck-A-Mile Backhauls

By Mark Montague, Industry Rate Analyst, DAT Solutions

Four years ago, I wrote a blog post with a catchy title: “The Death of the Buck-A-Mile Backhaul,” where I explained that carriers could no longer cover costs on $1.00 per mile. At the time, those cheap hauls were going away.

4 Tips to Plan Your Routes…and Make More Money

By Ralph Galantine, Product Manager, DAT Solutions

Freight availability is starting to improve, after a long, quiet winter. You can finally be a little bit choosier about which loads to accept, but rates are slow to ramp up. How can you make more money?

One way to improve your revenue is by focusing on roundtrips. That takes a little planning, but it will pay off. Here are a couple of tips and tricks, to get you started.

Free Mobile Load Board

Did you know that the Trulos free load board  has a web app that finds your location and displays the shipments in a mobil friendly way on your phone?  It will use your phone and look up the loads within 25 miles.  You can change it up to specify your equipment details and push the truckload search out further then 25 miles. Check it out the Free Mobile Truck Load...

Keep in touch

Stay update with the latest news from Trulos.  We don’t send many emails but when we do it can be pretty cool.  Basically we are going to send out enhancements to the free load board or some great deal we keep to ourselves.  Trulos is the #1 Free Load Board and we would love to stay in touch with while we grow.