Factoring Rates as LOW as 1% with WEX Fleet One Factoring

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Want to know what the freight rate is in your area?

Now you can. Just go to the Load Board With Rates and select your state and equipment type. Super simple this Free Load Board is showing you all the truckloads with rates. These could be both partial freight and full truck loads.

Truckers Should Take BitCoin As Payment

The new Cyber currency market is exploding and trucks should think about taking payments in Bit Coin (BTH) or some of the other formats.

Billionaire Buffet buys 38% stake in Pilot Flying J

This is huge endorsement of trucking and Pilot / Flying J that Berkshire Hathaway commitment to the transportation industry.

Tesla Plans To Unveil The Truck On October 26th

The date has been set.  10/26/2017 . This truck could change the industry. https://www.tesla.com/truck    

Free Load Board with Rates Is Going To Help Increase Trucking Rates

The free load board with rates by Trulos.com is going to help increase trucking rates and give drivers an easy and some way to participate in an online freight auction.

If more and more people post truckload rates the industry will become a lighting fast exchange of information.

If you don't have to negotiate the rate then you really just have to exchange information and learn more about the details.

Subscription Based Rating Programs Keep The Cost Of Freight Low.

Subscription Based Rating Programs Keep The Cost Of Freight Low. They continually bring up old rates that may not be applicable to the current conditions.  Think about the hurricane situation we have had recently.  No one even knows what to charge. Everyone is rating truckloads today based on data that doesn’t exist in history.  The […]

Find A Truckload Rate In Seconds

Find truckload and partial truckload rates on Trulos.com us the Load Board with Rates. Here is how to find truckload Rates in seconds :

LTL Load Board

Trulos is setting the trucking industry on fire with it’s free load board. First it was the Load Board with Rates only and now they have set it up so trucking companies can quickly and easily sort through thousands of loads to just see Partial, hotshot and LTL loads. If you have space available on […]

Load Board With Rates

flatbed-truckThe best load board just got a little more awesome. Yep We really did it. We separated all the truckloads with rates form the truckloads without rates and made it super easy to find freight with rates.