Shippers can find their own trucks on Trulos

Trulos allows people to find trucks for free. Once a user is registered then the user can easily post loads and find trucks.

Shippers if you haven’t tried getting your own truck why don’t you post the shipment and give it a try. The trucker will call you up and you can negotiate the price for the shipment.

Brokers find your self some new carriers. Trulos has over 50,000 carrier a month visiting and using the free load board and other free truckload and partial search tools.

Shipping a pallet of product. Post it and you might just get a great deal on the shipment with a carrier that has some extra space on board.

Super easy to use load posting and searching tools are what make Trulos so wonderful to use. Everything is Free and always will be. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

Some interesting features that are way under utilized.
Mileage Tool – This tool gives you the state by state miles which is really fun to see as well as super helpful to figure out a Fuel Tax Mileage report when needed

The Freight Forecast – This tool shows a heat map of freight and the hot spots. It changes daily and you are able to see today, tomorrow and next week as it is shaping up.