Why carriers should have a website that works

I see it a lot when brokers look up info on a truckload carrier online before booking a truckload and no carrier website is found. Even if the trucking company has a specific email like @thecarrier.com the website doesn’t always work.

When searching for truckload carriers the internet is the biggest and least expensive(free) resource available to find trucking companies as well as find freight brokers and direct shippers.

If you have a website and you don’t want to maintain it then just post the basics. Like company name and how to get a hold of you and what you specialize in. If you register a domain name on GoDaddy or another Internet hosting company the basic tools are available and easy to learn.

If you feel like you need some help then you can email us and we can try and get you going in the right direction. Also computer help is usually available on Craigslist or by a relative born after 1980.

Better to have something simple then nothing when it comes to your trucking company website. Too many times we see websites that were great ideas but just look old when the content on the site is out dated and the last update was made in 2008. Keep it to the basics and you wont have to worry about updating the site very often.

Domain specific emails give potential business partners a better feeling then a hotmail, yahoo or AOL address. Because it is the norm for smaller trucking companies to not have a website or email it is does feel like when a company has this set up that they are going to be a little less risky to assign the load to them.

Website will win the tie. If you are being judged on first impressions to get a load from a load board then if you have a website and domain specific email it conveys that you are easy to do business with and tech savvy. That is a plus for working with a freight broker who may have to book several loads to book.

So for about 50-100 a year you should be able to get domain, email and set up a simple website. It will pay off and they are actually pretty fun to set up. Contact us if you have questions or need some direction. We love to help out trucking companies.