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  • LTL Load Board

    Trulos is setting the trucking industry on fire with it’s free load board. First it was the Load Board with Rates only and now they have set it up so trucking companies can quickly and easily sort through thousands of loads to just see Partial, hotshot and LTL loads. If you have space available on […]

  • FEMA Loads

    There will be thousands of loads. Many of them will be posted on Free Load Board

  • How to ship direct with a shipper

    How to ship direct with a shipper

    We are seeing and talking to a lot of shippers that would like to ship direct with carriers.

  • Best NMFC Code for Machinery

    This is probably the link I use most often in shipping equipment or machinery using LTL carriers.  This page is so well explained how to ship and classify NMFC code related to shipping it should be bookmarked by every freight broker out there.  

  • How To Avoid Fraud When Using a Load Board

    Trucking is a huge industry and believe it or not there is fraud. As the industry moves to take freight brokers out of the middle of the transaction it opens up an unregulated marketplace that is ripe for fraud. Take a few steps to protect yourself.

  • Automatic Truckload Tendering

    If everyone can get notified in a second when freight is available will this make the marketplace for spot quotes better or worse. We will see is developing an instant notification for drivers and will soon enable communication in a text message for posting companies to find carriers that are aligned to receive freight requests going there way.

  • Rates pay more West to East and North to South

    East to west or west to east. Need to watch the flow of truckload freight.

  • How to use a load board

    Basic overview of free load board

  • Fuel Efficient Routing (Save fuel by going down hill)

    Fuel Efficient Routing (Save fuel by going down hill)

    Trulos has built a new money saving component aimed at helping the environment and saving truckers cash. How do they do it? Is there some tricky secret they have. Ah. Nope. Go down hill as much as you can. The Trulos Elevation Routing Tool allows dispatchers and drivers to quickly route the truck the most fuel efficient way.

  • Fuel Efficient Routing Now Available On The Truck Load Board

    Fuel Efficient Routing Now Available On The Truck Load Board

    Check out this sweet Fuel Efficient routing we plugged into the truck load board. Find freight and find the most fuel efficient route.