Fuel Saving Elevation Routing
Welcome to our fuel efficient routing program. Please enter the origin and destination addresses and click the Show Routes button. The Fuel Efficient Mileage Tool will display the mileage by by elevation. The display will show the route with the least elevation and most downhill miles. It will also show you the mileage to help determine if it is an optimal route.


ELD Truck Mandate Information
ELD mandate is coming up quick. If it doesn’t get stopped by OOIDA then we will all have ELDs in the truck. Many people are selling great products. The FMCSA basically states that every long haul truck driver has to have one of these things. Unless...more info

ELD Mandate Checklist - Link to FMCSA info on Electronic Logging Devices

Truck Factoring
Truck Factoring can be an amazing resource to generate cash flow for your business. If you have never used a factoring company we think you should take a look at Fleet One factoring. They have really really low rates and sometimes can get users as low as 1%. We like FleetOne Factoring because they are super nice and they buy advertising on the site which is really great and helps us make things like the IFTA mileage Calculator.

Fleet One Trucking Invoice Factoring - Link to the FleetOne factoring page