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  • Find A Truckload Rate In Seconds

    Find truckload and partial truckload rates on us the Load Board with Rates. Here is how to find truckload Rates in seconds :

  • LTL Load Board

    Trulos is setting the trucking industry on fire with it’s free load board. First it was the Load Board with Rates only and now they have set it up so trucking companies can quickly and easily sort through thousands of loads to just see Partial, hotshot and LTL loads. If you have space available on […]

  • Load Board With Rates

    Load Board With Rates

    The best load board just got a little more awesome. Yep We really did it. We separated all the truckloads with rates form the truckloads without rates and made it super easy to find freight with rates.

  • FEMA Loads

    There will be thousands of loads. Many of them will be posted on Free Load Board

  • If Retail is Dead Then Is Trucking Dead. Will we all just work for Amazon

    The buzz around retail is that it is dead. All the big stores are having issues apparently and everyone is going online to Amazon for purchasing. Walmart vs Amazon is a fierce battle for the lowest.

  • Do the 3 OClock-Hustle

    Get your 3 o’clock hustle on! This is an excellent time of the year to score some really high-paying loads, and to be the one who saves the day for your customer. I am getting excited, because it’s been two years since we’ve seen such strong demand for trucks, and that demand is incredibly important […]

  • How To Avoid Fraud When Using a Load Board

    Trucking is a huge industry and believe it or not there is fraud. As the industry moves to take freight brokers out of the middle of the transaction it opens up an unregulated marketplace that is ripe for fraud. Take a few steps to protect yourself.

  • Don’t Get Tracked Just Because You Want To Find Truckloads

    Did you know you when you log in to an app or to a website you are probably being tracked. Phone apps especially. … When you use Trulos load board you don’t have to sign in, You don’t get tracked. Enjoy using the free load board with total peace of mind that we don’t actually […]

  • Best Load Board for Freight Brokers to Post Loads

    Best Load Board for Freight Brokers to Post Loads

    Ok. Maybe this is a little biased but we really think Trulos is the best place fora broker to post freight on. We do have a couple of reasons.

  • Load Board With Rates

    Load Board With Rates

    How to find loads with rates on the Trulos Free Load Board